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How We Make You Money

Your Cybrid Talks To Customers

Imagine A Cybrid as an automated FAQ, trained to answer questions exactly how you want them to be answered.

Immidiate Response

Directly on your website via live chat or text, your Cybrid answers questions for you, fast.

You get more sales

Harvard Business Review estimates that most companies would see a 341% lift in sales by contacting new leads within 5 minutes. Deal!

Live Chat

Your customers want answers on their time, not on yours. A live chat Cybrid is accessible 24/7/365 directly from your website. Leads and customers will get the answers they want without having to search for it.

Live chat people cost a lot too, but they're job is usually just answering the same exact questions over and over again, like a ro...bot...oooooh, that's what we're here for. Your Cybrid will answer their questions and will only have to be trained on them once.

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Talks using Texts

Don't let a lead get cold, your new Cybrid will text your customers throughout your sales and marketing funnels automatically.

Why texting? Ever try calling a new lead at midnight? Obviously not a good idea, but texting is a simple, non-intrusive way to communicate with leads and existing customers anytime. Texting guarantees that your lead or customer will see the message without having to pick up from a number they don't recognize.

The best part is, you can see every text conversation your Cybrid has with your customers. You get a full report on how well they're performing and make suggestions on how we can improve your Cybrid.

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All of your conversations with customers and reports are all in the same place! Making it so easy to see how your AI is performing from the big picture down to each customer interaction.

Get the customer insights your business needs in real time. Learn where you sales pitch should focus based on what your customers are asking for.

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How it works

We Build your Cybrid

After you sign up, we create a baby Cybrid with all questions and answers about your product.

Your install one line of code

We provide you with a snippet of code that you add to your companies website. It's super easy. We're here for any help or guidance on how to do that

Continuous Training

Cybrids learn over time. We give you access to a dashboard where you can manage and train your Cybrid. We guide you through more advanced training, no worries!

Zero Data Needed to Get Started

Your Cybrid is Ready to Go Out of the Box

Why Use a Cybrid?

Unlimited Cybrids

You're not just buying 1 Cybrid, you'd buying an infinite army of sales focused A.I.


Cyrbids don't take breaks, don't get sick, never go on vacation, and don't celebrate any holidays.

0% turnover

That's right, we've never had a Cybrid quit yet. It's literally not in their programming.

No People Problems

Say goodbye to the most difficult problems you face daily, they'll never give you guff :)

Personality Fit

With your input, we tailor your Cybrid's personality to best help your customers.

Full Control

You can adjust whatever you like about your Cybrid, allowing you to customize it for your company.

Always Right Answers

From the start, your Cybrid is trained with all the right answers to your customer questions.


See how well your Cybrid is performing by going through their performance stats.

Full controll of how and what is being said

Your Cybrid Uses Your Lingo and Content


Increased Conversions

Never miss a chance to talk with a customer online or directly using texts

More Leads

Live chat and text sales has never been easier. Talk to leads where they are.

Less Cost

No need to hire more live chat and sales people, when you have as many Cybrids as you need

Warmer Leads

Cybrids are a great way to give your lead more information about your business before the first phone call.

Constantly Learning about your Customers

Your Cybrid will learn more about your customers from every interaction, improving their skills daily.

Never Miss a Sale

Don't want to work on Christmas? Your Cybrid doesn't mind, they'll get the sale for you.


$299 /mo


  • Live Chat
  • Reports

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  • Live Chat
  • Text Messaging
  • Reports
  • CRM Integration

Best ROI I've Ever Seen!

I run a small business with my 2 brothers. Once we integrated "Bob", our Cybrid, onto our website we immediately started seeing results. We've grown our revenue by 4X and now have a dozen employees. That never would have been possible without Cybrid Industries.

Bob signs up people before our competitors even call them.

Sam Brody - Owner of Codify Academy

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